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BitQT uses a high-powered algorithm to produce accurate and consistently profitable trade signals. The trade signals are based on historical price data and technical indicators.


With BitQT, you can choose between either manual or automated trading modes. In the automated mode, the advanced algorithm will analyze the markets and will execute profitable trades when an opportunity has been identified. This means that even new traders can succeed with ease.


BitQT takes your privacy concerns seriously. This is why we have implemented the most advanced security protocols available. This enables us to remain fully compliant with all applicable laws, while making sure your personal data and finances are secure from any fraudulent activities.


BitQT’s users have experienced unprecedented success in trading cryptocurrencies with our powerful trading software. Many of our users have become independently wealthy and have reported making thousands of dollars on a daily basis. With only a few minutes of work each day to monitor the software, you too can become successful in trading cryptocurrencies. Simply join BitQT today and change your financial destiny.


"After just a couple of months of using the BitQT software, I have completely transformed my financial situation. I have completely paid off all of my debts and am now well on my way to buying my first home. If things keep going this way, I will be able to quit my day job within no time! A big thank you to the BitQT software."

Hubert W.

San Jose, CA

Profit: €6,225.87

"I am now able to live the life that I want thanks to BitQT. With this amazing trading software, I was able to become independently wealthy and no longer have to work a job. I am making thousands of dollars per day using the BitQT software and the best part is that it is easy to do. I couldn’t be happier."

Jolene K.

Burlington, VT

Profit: €8,955.32

"I had already been trading professionally and was making a living trading financial markets when I found out about the BitQT software. At first I was skeptical, but after giving it a try for a few months, I have concluded that BitQT has significantly enhanced my trading results as well as my profitability. A big thank you."

Kristiana H.

Hammond, IN

Profit: €10,055.78

"I had been having a really hard time financially. I had massive student debt and bills were beginning to pile up. That was the case until I found out about BitQT from a friend. Now, I am earning tens of thousands of dollars each month. I have finally found the financial freedom I have always dreamed about. Thanks BitQT!"

Daniel G.

Miami, FL

Profit: €9,257.78


This means you will hardly receive any losing trades with our trading algorithm. Many of our users report making well over a thousand dollars daily on a consistent basis. In addition, you only need to work for a few minutes each day to earn real profits.


Using massive amounts of historical data and current market conditions, BitQT’s algorithm is able to analyze markets at lightning speed. With a second time leap, the software is able to predict future market movements and act before the general market even starts moving. This can result in huge profits for traders of all experience levels.


The BitQT software has earned the respect of the entire financial trading industry worldwide, thanks to its highly accurate algorithm and intuitively designed interface.




First, go to the BitQT website and find the registration form on our homepage. Provide the requested personal details on the registration form and then submit the form. Your account will be activated within minutes. Also, it is completely free to register for an account with BitQT.



In order to start trading cryptocurrencies with the BitQT, you will first have to deposit trading capital to be used to execute the trades. The initial required deposit is only $250; however you are welcome to invest as much money as you want to. This money is yours and can be withdrawn at any time, without delays.



After making your initial deposit, you will be ready to start executing trades and making money. Once you have set your preferred trading parameters, you can then set the software to automated mode which will prompt the software to automatically analyze markets and execute profitable trades for you, even while you sleep.

The BitQT Software

BitQT offers a powerful trading software which enables traders to successfully buy and sell cryptocurrencies for profit. Our advanced algorithm continuously scans markets for profitable trading opportunities and then executes these trades on your behalf. All that is required from you is a couple of minutes per day to monitor the software and adjust the trading parameters. That is, the software can be customized to trade based on your trading preferences and risk appetite. After that, the automated software does all of the work for you.

The software is accessible through any device with Internet access. This means that you can even trade from your mobile device. You will also be able to operate the BitQT software at any time and in any location. Also, the best thing of all is that the software is absolutely free. This means no commissions, no fees and no hidden charges. You keep all profits earned from trading cryptocurrencies with BitQT.

Is BitQT Legitimate?

The BitQT software is definitely no scam. It is a legitimately effective and safe way to make passive income in the cryptocurrency markets. Not only is BitQT widely respected within the financial trading industry.

Also, many users have reported making significant profits using this powerful trading software. Many have even become independently wealthy and are now living a lifestyle of financial freedom with the ability to do practically anything they want to.

How BitQT Began

The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced around a decade ago. Since then, Bitcoin’s value has seen meteoric rises, reaching an all-time high of $20,000 at the end of 2017. Bitcoin was created in January 2009 when the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto created the first Bitcoin block. This first block of the Bitcoin blockchain is now known as the Genesis Book. Also, interestingly enough, the true identity of Nakamoto has yet to be discovered.

In May 2010, Bitcoin was used for the first time to purchase actual goods when Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas. During 2010, various cryptocurrency exchanges began to pop up on the scene. By 2013, there were already ten different cryptocurrencies in the markets. Those who had been early investors in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, have become quite wealthy and many are now self-made millionaires.

It is important to understand that it is not yet too late for you to also capitalize on the growing cryptocurrency market. With the continual growth of the number of networks, shops and brands accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, this will create more demand for cryptocurrencies, resulting in continual appreciation in value.

Luckily, with BitQT’s highly accurate trading algorithm, even those with no experience in trading financial markets will be able to successfully profit from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What Is BitQT And How Does It Work?

BitQT is one of the trading industry’s most-respected automated cryptocurrency trading software. The BitQT application allows users to utilize our advanced trading algorithm to make profits through cryptocurrency trading. You can choose either the manual trading mode or go with the automated trading feature. Since it is fully automated, our software allows any trader, despite previous experience, to make massive profits from trading the cryptocurrency markets.

In automated mode, it takes very little effort on your part to make passive income with BitQT. Just a few minutes per day to adjust trading parameters and monitor the software is all that is needed. After that, the software will do all of the hard work for you. Our highly accurate algorithm will scan markets in search of profitable trading opportunities.

What Makes BitQT So Top-Notch?

BitQT provides you with many significant advantages over others trading in the cryptocurrency markets.

1No Costs Whatsoever

You never have to worry about any costs with BitQT. Access to our trading software is absolutely free. This means there are no commissions on profits, no fees for withdrawals, no charges for deposits and no hidden costs at all. This also means the profits you make are 100% yours to keep.

2Numerous Currencies

With BitQT, you will have the option to choose between various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and Dash. Our platform also offers trading with fiat currencies, such as the Euro (EUR), the U.S. Dollar (USD) and the Swiss Franc (CHF).

3Web-based Platform

Since our platform is web-based, there is no downloading required for access to BitQT. There is no need to install any software and no software updates which need to be downloaded. You can access the trading platform from any device with access to the Internet and a web browser.

4Highly-accurate Trade Signals

With one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry, BitQT ensures your trading risks are minimized. This is one of the reasons why the award-winning software has garnered the respect of the entire trading industry across the globe.

5Fast and Straightforward Registration

It is incredibly easy to register and get started with BitQT. The process to register is quick, simple and safe. You will be ready to start making profits while trading within minutes. Also, there are no fees for registering your trading account.

6Consistent Passive Profits

No matter how much experience you have trading or knowledge about the financial markets, you will still be able to make consistently profitable trades with BitQT’s advanced algorithm.

7Fast Verification

The required process for verification has been designed to be as hassle-free as possible, while still providing adequate security and safety for everybody on the platform. Only some basic personal details is required and you will be ready to trade within minutes within a secure trading environment.

8Hassle-free Withdrawals and Deposits

Deposits can be made using any major credit or debit card with the BitQT platform. This includes MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Visa. Withdrawals are also free from hassle with you receiving your funds within 24 hours after submission of the request for withdrawal.

9Demo Trading

With BitQT’s demo account feature, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the platform and interface before you actually risk any real money. After you feel comfortable with the platform, you will be able to switch to a live account and start making real profits trading the cryptocurrency markets.

10Customer Support

You can always be sure that BitQT will be able to help with any issues that arise during the course of using the software. BitQT offers customer support 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Our representatives are courteous, knowledgeable and always eager to find solutions.

11Low Barrier to Entry

BitQT wants to make access to the cryptocurrency markets available for everybody. This is why we only require a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. In addition, you can open a trade for as little as $25.

BitQT’s Main Advantages

BitQT is highly-respected across the financial trading industry. The software offers many powerful advantages, which has kept it ahead of the pack compared to other trading software applications. Some of these key features are detailed below:

Backstaging Capabilities

Our software provides a comprehensive backstaging feature which enables you to test the trading parameters you have chosen on historical conditions in the market. This allows you to optimize trade parameters to ensure the best trading results possible.

Demo Account

BitQT’s demo trading feature enables users to increase their understanding of the cryptocurrency markets as well as our trading platform before actually risking any real money.

Trading Live

After familiarizing yourself with our platform using the demo trading feature and also testing your parameters with the software’s backstaging feature, you will be ready to start trading live with real money. After making the minimum deposit of only $250 or more, you will be ready to start trading within minutes. Also, you should know that there are no commissions on profits earned. This means you are able to keep 100% of your profits garnered from trading cryptocurrencies with the BitQT software.

Automated Trading

The automated mode will use BitQT’s advanced algorithm to continuously scan markets in search of profitable trading opportunities. Upon identifying an opportunity which fits your selected trading parameters, the software will automatically execute the trade on your behalf. This means you will be continuously making passive profits 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


1 How much money can I expect to make using the software?

The amount of profit you make will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much risk you are willing to take as well as how much capital you invest.

2 How much work will this require for me to make profit?

The amount of work and effort required on your part is quite minimal with BitQT. Our automated software will do almost everything for you. All you need is a few minutes per day to monitor the software and to set your trading parameters.

3 What is the most I can make using the trading software?

There is no maximum amount of profit you can make with the BitQT software. Some users have become self-made millionaires using our advanced trading software.

4 Is BitQT a scam?

The truth is that BitQT is a legitimate and dependable method for earning profits through trading the cryptocurrency markets. There have been numerous testimonials from our users who have earned thousands of dollars per day consistently using our powerful software.

5What is the cost for accessing the BitQT software?

The BitQT software was actually designed based on another successful trading software known as Bitcoin Trader. Our team used all that was effective in the Bitcoin Trader software and has improved upon it to bring you the BitQT trading application.

6Does BitQT have anything to do with affiliate marketing or MLM?

BitQT believes strongly in empowering everybody to be able to trade the cryptocurrency markets successfully. This is why we have made access to our powerful software completely free of costs. This means you will not be charged for registering a new account, making withdrawals or depositing funds. There are absolutely no hidden charges. This means you keep 100% of the profits earned from trading with our revolutionary trading software.

7Are there any fees charged to access BitQT’s software?

BitQT has no connection with affiliate market or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) at all. Our software is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This powerful application is a legitimate way to make massive profits from buying and selling cryptocurrency.

8How do I get started with BitQT?

You never have to worry about any fees charged for using the BitQT software to trade cryptocurrency markets. We do not charge a fee for registering a new account. Also, there are no transaction fees for withdrawals or deposits. Additionally, no commissions are collected on the profits you make trading cryptocurrency. All the profits earned are yours to keep.

9How do I get started with BitQT?

It is easy to start making money with BitQT. All you have to do is fill out the registration form found on our website. After you submit the form and your account is approved you will be ready to start trading in minutes. Also, there are no fees charged for registering a new account.

The BitQT software is based on another well-known trading application known as Bitcoin Trader.